Maheshwari Public School, Ajmer
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Sports Inner Wheel

Sports play a vital role in personality development and fitness. It is important for the students to delve into the world of sports as well. Our school offers all the amenities to the students that can shape their interest in the field of games and athletics. The cricket pitch, badminton and basketball courts are adequately equipped and furnished.

The huge ground has multiple racing tracks and other sports arena where students are trained for different state and national level tournaments. Facilities are maintained for indoor games as well which includes carom, chess and table tennis. It is recorded in the history of MPS that our students are bringing laurels each year when they compete with different schools as we believe that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.

Best Athelete - 2019-2020

Category Name of Athlete Class House
Group 1 (Boys)Lakshay KabraXII APratap
Group I (Girls)Apoorva GuptaXII CPratap
Group II (Boys)Sourabh HinwalX DTilak
Group II (Girls)Rijuta SharmaX CSubhash
Group III (Boys)Shivang DadhichVIII DShivaji
Group III (Boys)Nakshatra S. YadavVIII DShivaji
Group III (Girls)Ana JaimanVIII AShivaji
Group III (Girls)Rajshree ChoyalVIII ASubhash
Group IV (Boys)Raghvender SinghVI DTilak
Group IV (Girls)Mansi MundraVI CPratap
Inter House Games and Sports Achievements Group – I (IX- XII)
Pratap House was declared first in Senior Categories.
Sr. No. Event House Category Position
1 CarromSubhashBoysWinner
2 CarromShivajiBoysRunner Up
3 CarromTilakGirlsWinner
4 CarromShivajiGirlsRunner Up
5 Table TennisPratapBoysWinner
6 Table TennisShivajiBoysRunner Up
7 BasketballTilakBoysWinner
8 BasketballPratapBoysRunner Up
9 BasketballSubhashGirlsWinner
10 BasketballPratapBoysRunner Up
11 BadmintonTilakBoysWinner
12 BadmintonShivajiBoysRunner Up
13 BadmintonPratapGirlsWinner
14 BadmintonTilakGirlsRunner Up
15 FootballTilakBoysWinner
16 FootballSubhashBoysRunner Up
17 Volley BallPratapBoysWinner
18 Volley BallTilakBoysRunner Up
Inter House Games and Sports Achievements Group – II (VI- VIII)
Pratap House was declared first in Junior Categories.
Sr. No. Event House Category Position
1 CarromShivajiBoysWinner
2 CarromPratapBoysRunner Up
3 CarromPratapGirlsWinner
4 CarromTilakGirlsRunner Up
5 Table TennisSubhashBoysWinner
6 Table TennisPratapBoysRunner Up
7 BasketballShivajiBoysWinner
8 BasketballPratapBoysRunner UP
9 BadmintonShivajiGirlsWinner
10 BadmintonPratapGirlsRunner Up
11 BadmintonPratapBoysWinner
12 BadmintonShivajiBoysRunner Up
13 FootballPratapBoysWinner
14 FootballTilakBoysRunner Up