Maheshwari Public School, Ajmer
Mastering People's Skills.
House & Council

The students of the school are allotted one of the four houses, i.e., Pratap, Tilak, Shivaji and Subhash. The house system is an integral part of public schools and helps to co-ordinate various Co-curricular and Extra Curricular activities in the school. Each House is placed under a House Master /Mistress, who is directly responsible for the selection and grooming of the student of the house for various competitions. The entire Student’s Council is appointed by the Principal in agreement with the House Masters and the House mentors. The House Captain, the Vice Captain, Sr Sport Incharge, Sr literary Incharge, Sr cultural Incharge, Jr Sport Incharge, Jr literary Incharge, Jr cultural Incharge and discipline Incharge with a committee of 10 discipline members of each house take on the responsibility of overall discipline of the school. The Investiture ceremony is held at the beginning of the session. All the Office Bearers are entitled to wear badges.

The entire team is guided in their daily tasks by a team of house master and the house tutors. Regular Inter-House Competitions are held round the year which foster healthy challenge and competitive spirit amongst the students All the Houses compete with one another to keep their house flag aloft and to win the inter house trophy.

The initiative and capabilities of individual students are continuously watched and those with inherent or cultivated leadership qualities are selected to the Prefects’ Council. The students’ affairs are managed by this Council headed by the school Head, the Head Girl and the School Sport’s Captain.

The Office bearers are encouraged to manage their affairs and organize various school activities independently, under the guidance of the members of the staff.