Maheshwari Public School, Ajmer
Mastering People's Skills.
General Rules
  • The parent can pay total fee for the session in six installments. The whole sum of fees will be levied by the end of Dec.
  • No leave for absence is granted without written application from parent or guardian and that too only for genuine reasons.
  • If a pupil is absent due to sickness, the Principal must be informed at once in writing. When a pupil who has been absent for any reason and returns to the school, he must bring the details duly entered on the leave record page of the diary and signed by the parent or guardian otherwise the pupil will be refused admission and sent home. In this case the school disclaims all responsibility.
  • Pupils not returning punctually to the school after the holidays will have to produce a valid reason of absence
  • Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience or conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school are sufficient reasons for the suspension or dismissal of a pupil. Pupils are responsible to the school authorities for their conduct in and outside the school. Students are liable to be dismissed or refused conveyance facility of the school due to misbehaviour either in school bus or on streets.
  • Unnecessary running, or shouting inside the school premises is not allowed.
  • Students should refrain from damaging any school property. The school reserves the right to be compensated by the student for any such damage.
  • All students must be particularly careful not throw papers etc. anywhere in the school premises. They should use the baskets and bins specially provided for the purpose
  • Personal cleanliness and hygiene is expected from all.
  • At the first bell, i.e. five minutes before the assembly commences, students must go to their respective classes for attendance. At the second bell all the students will assemble for morning assembly.
  • During the absence of the teacher, the monitor assumes responsibility for the order and discipline of the class.
  • When student move along the corridors while changing classes, they must walk in silence and in queue.
  • Any breach of discipline and above all discourtesy and disrespect to the teachers in any way will be taken seriously and students responsible for such misbehaviour will be summarily dismissed or suspended.
  • No story books, news-papers, periodicals or comics must be brought into the school premises without the Principal's permission.
  • The school is not responsible for any safety of books, money, clothes etc. Students must look after their own belongings. It is not advisable for them to bring valuable articles to school.
  • Presents to teacher or other demonstrations in their honour require previous permission from the Principal
  • The engagement of private tutors from the school staff should not be done without the written permission of the Principal.
  • During the recess the student are not allowed to enter the classroom without permission
  • Late comers, after the first warning, will be sent home and parents will be informed.
  • To improve expression and fluency in English the school has made it compulsory for students to speak only in English at school and even outside.
  • Parents are expected to co-operate with the staff in enforcing regularity and discipline by seeing that their children prepare their lessons and do their home work as mentioned in their diaries by taking an active and helpful interest in the activities of the school.
  • Parents are particularly requested to sign the progress Report and other reports from teachers sent through the diaries. Students will not be allowed in the class if their reports are not duly signed.
  • Parents/guardians or other persons are not allowed to see the student or meet the teachers during school hours without written permission from the Principal.
  • In the compulsory for the students to complete 75% of their attendance in a year, to make themselves eligible for appearing in their final examination. Total number of meetings are counted from the day of the opening of the school and not from the date of admission of the student. Leave on account of illness etc. is also considered as absence and no relaxation is made in such cases.
  • No student can leave school premises during school hours except with the permission from the principal. Half day leave is not permitted