Maheshwari Public School, Ajmer
Mastering People's Skills.
Our Aim

Maheshwari Public School is an epitome of tenets. Our aim is to provide pre-eminent education and positive ethos to our students. We believe in transcending all forms of learning and render perfect environment for the same.

In our school, we continue to mentor young minds rigorously with the sense of creativity. Blazing the new trail in the field of innovative and comprehensive teaching, we empower our student's potential and ability. The motive of providing pastoral care is to designate the students of MPS with utmost self-esteem and dignity so that they are able to thrive in all the realms of life.

Our educational approach is relevant, inspiring, built upon values which have anchored the school for more than 60 years.

Our alumni are self- directed and reflective young minds, equipped for leadership and influence throughout the world. MPS is a beacon of excellence in Rajasthan and beyond – holding out a uniquely effective educational vision of hope and possibility. The students are expected to exhibit the following:

  • Become sincere, honest and proud citizens of our country
  • Respect and obey parents, teachers and all the elders
  • Have a friendly and positive attitude towards one's companions and others
  • Being courteous and truthful in all the spheres of life
  • Encompass good etiquettes and manners
  • Consciousness for a clean and green environment
  • Being blissful and kind to all