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It is an English medium institution but not at the cost of Hindi, which too receives due attention and respect. The institution has persevered to maintain our cultural heritage.

The aim of the institution is to impart a sound physical, intellectual and moral education for the harmonious development of personality and character of every student of this institution in order that he turns out to be an honest, sincere and good citizen of our society.


  • A true MPS ite must be proud of his school and must exhibit it by :

  • respecting the elders, especially one's parents and teachers and obeying them.

    being friendly and not quarrelsome with both one's companions and others.

    being honest in one's dealings with others, truthful in speech and sporting in behaviour.

    being conscious of cleanliness in one's person, always being neatly and smartly dressed       taking care of tidiness at one's home, in school campus and classroom, neither throwing about papers and rubbish on the floor nor letting others do so.

    being well behaved and well mannered; possessing desirable etiquettes and a positive attitude.

    always being cheerful, smiling and ready to help others

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