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"A Sound mind resides in a sound body."

For sound and excellent results in academics, physical well being of a child is prerequisite and this is what has made physical education an integral part of education. It plays a very important role in the over all grooming of a child today. With Sania Mirja, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar, Mahesh Bhupati and many others as role models the youth is tempted towards the sports arena.

At MPS we provide ample opportunity to nature the talents of our sports oriented students. Many of our students are so talented that they have won laurels at state and even national level tournaments.

Outer wheel

National Tournament 

Badminton, Table tennis

State  Tournament

Table tennis, Badminton, Cricket 

District  Tournament 

Basketball, Cricket, Table Tennis, Badminton etc.

Inner Wheel

Annual Sports day is use to celebrate in the month of December for senior and junior students. Various inter house events like  100M 200M, 400M, Relay races, Long jump, Discus through, Javelin Throw, Short put etc., see the best athlete's of each house participate , The students of every house are too strong for their opponents and they all want to  take over the pole position! The back breaking training, the blood, sweat and tears shed by the students  pay  rich dividends and prove that they have an edge over their opponents and so march away with the champions trophy.




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