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Celebration of special occasions

School foundation Day

Know this world, open your eyes; take a step; move out and face the experience." But it requires confidence to take decisions, it requires ability and zeal to move forward and we learn these qualities in this renowned institution of ours

Maheshwari Public School, a Sansthan started filling the lacuna of education on July 17,1889. Science then 17th July is celebrated as School Foundation Day.

It began with the lighting of lamp in front of Lord Mahesh followed by Mahesh Vandana. Then inspiring speeches by students in English and Hindi dedicate the credit of upliftment to the teachers and all students who grow and flourish.

Investiture ceremony

Obedience Alone gives the light to command, to maintain discipline, to show the path and encourage the young students. Election of the Students Council of MPS held with a purpose to elect the crew to guide the ship of MPS to its successful destination. It was empowered with 4D's as its equipments i.e., Discipline, Dedication Determination and Devotion.

With deserving decisions by House Mistress and students, House Captions, Cultural Incharges, Sports Incharges etc. were elected from each house.

After election of office bearers of the four houses, a boy and a girl from each house recommend for the prestigious post of Head boy and Head girl.

An Investiture Ceremony is use to organize on 24th July. Holding flags in their hands, all the office bearers pledged to remain loyal, impartial, hardworking and to render their best service to their respective houses. The Head of institution preside over the ceremony and inspire the students to perform their duties with dedication and loyalty.

Gandhi & Shashtri Jayanti

2nd October is that auspicious day on which two of the great leaders Mahatma Gandhi & Lal Bahadur Shashtri were born. They played an important role in the freedom and development of our country. As there is saying: To be a leader of stature one must lead from the forefront, the requisite qualities for which are originally and spontaneity which our great leaders possessed. We celebrate this day also in our school with zeal and reverence. Through the speech students highlight the teaching, life and deeds of the two patriots. Main aim is that students should never forget such patriots and should gain wisdom parallel to such gracious people

Independence Day

As truly said by Bal Gangadhar Tilak - "Freedom is my birthright and I shall have it". Everyone loves freedom. Even a small bird wants to be free. We are thankful to all those freedom fighter who struggled against the British giving us the reason to celebrate our first Independence from the 200 years of British rule, on August 15,1947. Our school celebrates the Independence Day with great zeal and enthusiasm. The program begins with unfurl or Tri Colour by chief guest, follow by the National Anthem. Students deliver speeches in Hindi and English and bring forward the present condition of India and demand the future generation to stand up for the shake of their motherland. The program comes to an end with the National Song.


 Republic Day

26 January 1950 is not merely a national holiday. It is a date of great importance. It is the day when we had constitution announcing to the world that India is a sovereign democratic and Republic country. Every year we celebrate this day with the feeling of patriotism.


 Ganesh Chaturthi

Vakra Tunda Mahakaya, Surya Koti Sama Prabha |

Nir Vighnum Kur Mein Dev, Sarva Karyeshu Sarvada ||

This is the mantra chanted by people before starting any work. This 'mantra' is related to none others than, the Lord of the Lords i.e. Lord Ganesh. He is the one without whose blessing no task begins nor culminates smoothly. Ganesh Charturthi is celebrated through the country with great devotion.

In our school also, we celebrate this day in a religious way. Lastly student's favorite Prasad 'Ladoos' use to distribute.

 Hindi Diwas

14 September 'Hindi Diwas" is the day to know strength and ability of our national language. This day all students came to know about Hindi and so many activities use to organize in Hindi.


 Farewell to class XII

.             Time has flown by

                    making me its slave

                   The span of the glorious years in MPS

                Is now coming to an end

           Thus with a heavy heart I say

                       Good - bye MPS....

As said "time and tide wait for none." So the beautiful school years are just in the last 100m of a marathon. Yes the "farewell" of class XII is the moment. The senior most receive a warm welcome from the students of class 11th. Besides the mundane schedule and the long spell of academics, this day use to celebrate as to give a small break to the senior most students. The program base on the theme of school life.

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