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ACTIVITIES Different Houses in School

Different Houses in School

There are 4 houses in the school. All students and teachers are equally divided in these houses which compete with each other in various Inter-House activities organize in school.

Pratap House (Red House)

 Motto  -  “Challenges and difficulties make success words achieving”.

Colour  -  Red

This year was no exception as far as the ferocity and intensity of competition with other houses was concerned. Pratap house warriors took the challenge head on and proved their mettle yet again by emerging victorious in several fields. Since every event offered challenge and a promise of sweet success, Pratap house true to its nature, rose on every occasion to take the challenge seriously. We won some and lost some but then winning and losing are part of the game and this is what keeps the house going. In the true sportsman spirit we are now prepared for the next year that promises to be as interesting and eventful as the previous year.



Tilak House (Green House)

Motto - “Do Good, Be Good” 

Color - Green


Keeping in with our motto , this house set in with determination into yet another session full of achievement and laurels. The students showed enthusiasm and zeal in whatever they plugged into and took their green flag to a yet higher position. The students are all prepared to step into next year too with the same and even more enthusiasm and spirit.




Shivaji House (Orange House)


 Motto -  “The world belongs to those who believes in the beauty of their dreams.”

Colour - Orange


The civilians instilled with velour and inspiration forged ahead into the challenging year. The students body consisting of the house captain, vice captain ,discipline in charges and senior and junior sports captain, literary incharges and cultural incharge were elected through open voting .the student council was sworn in on 24 July 2008 where they pledged to work with unstinted devotion for the betterment of the house and upliftment of the school.


Subhash house (Blue House)

Motto - “Always aims Higher”.

Colour - Blue


Subhash Chandra Bose was a great freedom fighter, guided by Entail's principles and seeking inspiration from him, Subhash House has touched the zenith of success. Subhash Chandra Bose had an enthusiasm to do something great for his country. The same Spirit can be seen in the students and teachers of this house. This house consists of students having remarkable unity and coordination and this helps to remove obstacles, making the path smooth. This house believes in confidence, efforts and team work.

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