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Exam Rules And Promotions


    1. These rules will be applicable to all the students from class I to VIII and XI.

    2. Absence in one or more subjects involves the loss of marks for these subjects and excludes the pupil from receiving a prize.

    3. Breach of any of the regulations during the conduct of examinations is punishable by expulsion from the examination room and/or cancellation of the paper. Zero will be awarded in such cases.

    4. The result of the examination is final and cannot be reconsidered.

    5. Answer books of S.A. II will be shown to the parent only after written request within 2 days of declaration of result.


    Promotion to the next higher class will depend on the student's progress throughout the year. The following terms for promotion are being followed.

    1. Attendance : It is mandatory for students to attend a minimum of 75% of school meetings. Condonation may be granted by the Principal in serious medical cases.

    2. Missing the examination : Students who remain absent from SA I or SA II examinations with or without prior permission from the Principal will not be retested for that examination and will not be eligible for promotion to next higher class.

    3. Minimum pass percentage is 33% or grade D.

    4. To determine the eligibility for promotion the average of all assessments will be considered.

    5. Grading system has been implemented in the pre-primary classes and Std. I to VIII

    6. The criteria for promotion of students of the pre-primary section will be the continuous assessment of the child throughout the session. No separate examination will be conducted for them. Assessments will be taken on a regular and routine basis without prior information.

    7. The students of class XII may not be allowed to appear for the Central Board/Senior School Certificate examination if their performance in Pre-Board examination is not satisfactory.


    1. Good conduct and regular attendance are must for winning any award.

    2. Failure/absence in a subject debars a pupil from winning any award.

    3. If a pupil is debarred by the rules from receiving an award, the next pupil fulfilling the conditions would be entitled to it.

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