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Students not only learn what their textbooks have to offer, but they also get in touch with nature and discover their own hidden facets. The school employs the latest teaching techniques to ensure that students not only earn certificates, but also accumulate knowledge during their student life here.

MPS does not believe in churning out a certain number of educated children every year, it believes in creating mature, knowledgeable individuals who are an asset to their society. Discipline and personality development are the two inherent values that MPS inculcates in its students. Your child will not be a mere student; he/she shall be a part of a movement that strives to create a world which believes in a wholesome mix of tradition and modernity.

No education is complete with only academic learning. Intelligence is no longer determined by a total development in all respects, including emotional maturity. Howard Gardner said "it does not matter how smart you are but what matters is how are you smart". He had proposed nine intelligence that a child can have and any school must be able to provide the environment for the child to develop all these intelligence. A smart child is not only one who is word smart or number smart, but even the one who is picture smart or logic smart or people smart etc. We at MPS believe in the overall smartness of the child and want that our students should be mature in a total sense before their graduate out. We provide ample opportunities for their parallel and lateral growth and for this we organize several inter-house co-curricular activities as well as inter and intra class activities throughout the year.

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